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Welcome to Veedubbing

About Veedubbing - how it all began!

Nic, Jo, Paul and Mike the founder members of VeedubbingVeedubbing was started in 2001 by Nic, Paul, Mike, Ross and Jo. The 3 brothers, Nic, Mike and Paul all owned vw bay windows with Ross owning the only split screen in the group. The 'club' started life as SVDC Stokenteignhead Vee Dub Club.

As Stokenteignhead doesnt mean much to anyone outside of it, we decided we needed a more fitting name. Jo built a small web site, designed the now well know Veedubbing logo and Veedubbing was born was 2001!

The start of veedubbingOnce the web site was up and running we started getting emails and local people with vw's started approaching us at shows, so we started a bi weekly veedubbing meeting, which anyone was welcome to attend, so everyone could meet up see the vw's and chat about them, in the pub of course!

From then we added all the members vw write ups and pictures to the site, and galleries of all the shows we went to. When the forum was added to the site, it all went crazy, people from all over the Uk and the world emailed us asking and posting questions and general chat on the forum.

The forum has 352 members to date (August 2006) and is growing all the time. The web site receives an average of 3200 visits per month from all over the world. Seeing as the site became so popular we started selling advertising space as well. Jo also designed the site for the Veedubbin @ the beach show,

If you have any questions or comments about the web site please contact

Hope you enjoy the site.