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Welcome to Veedubbing

Ross's 1966 Split Screen Camper Van
(Pukka like Peckam Chicken)

This is the first splitscreen van in the SDVC stable, Ross has owned this van for at least 7 years and it has formed the staple of many a drunken night out, one of the greatest when we drove past "The Venue" at kicking out time and filled it with women, now that's what Vw's are for!

The van used to be white and red and it has a full Devon interior, but in 2002 Ross attacked his bank account and gave the van a full body restoration. Ross travelled back from London practically every weekend to follow progress and pay bills.

As the body was being sprayed he couldn't stick the old slightly worn engine back in the shiny new van so he ordered a 1600 Vega twin port with an alternator conversion a reconditioned 1500 gearbox and reduction boxes by Cog Box. He also drove the van with a severely worn steering box so this was also reconditioned.
As always, the bus was slammed on the ground but whilst nosing around his front beam he spotted the front beam adjuster, which has tempted him take the van a little lower.

Last on his list was the interior, being a Devon interior and quite sort after it was important that when he was renovating the units that he didn't ruin them, but as you can see from the photos he's done a great job.

Keep your eyes out for this van as the list of new work done to this van above will bound to continue even when he's go it looking this cool.