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Lynford – 1966 2097cc Karmann Cabriolet

“We call him Lynford because he’s black, he hangs to the left and he’s fast as f**k!”

After a long time hankering for Lynford, Mike and Claire heard he was up for sale in July 2005. On the way back from BVF they took a detour through Hereford for a test drive. Mike and Nic drove Lynford around the block and returned beaming from ear to ear. He was finally purchased and a week later he arrived at his new home in Newton abbot.

Since Lynford has been with his current owners, a run down the strip at Bug jam (16 secs, Mike hopes to beat this time at Bug jam 20 after more engine adjustments)

Lynford is an original Karmann Cabriolet with a stunning Spirit of the 50’s red and white vinyl interior. He is in show condition and is mostly stock, bar the original Porsche Fuch wheels and the almighty 2097cc engine in the back.

Lynford is an absolute beauty and an asset to Veedubbing. He is always the focus of many admiring comments and never fails to turn heads. Popular all round he has many outstanding features and has something to appeal to everyone. Lynford is the best of both worlds, he is every girls dream cabriolet and every boys dream BHP!

See Lynford Run......