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Welcome to Veedubbing


Veedubbing meetings were arranged by chance, as we had the urge to go to the pub a lot, so to give us a genuine excuse to sink a few pints, so Thursdays@veedubbing was formed!

Meetings take place every other Thursday night at Ten Tors Inn,Kingsteignton.

The main point of Thursdays@veedubbing is purely social and we just happen to have Veedubs, anyone can just come along for a drink, to cruise or camp with us at shows. We dont care who you are or what you drive,. Yeah sure we'd all love to have Turbo'd rat bugs and show buses, but many people dont, so basically we dont discuss differing cranks sizes and the one year only wiper blades. If you dont have the best dub out there we wont slate you for it we will help you get it on the road and use it to party in.

This is the fortnightly meeting of local veedubbers and everyone is welcome. It gives us a weak excuse to leg it to the pub for a few beers and talk loads of rubbish.

It's where we plan group trips to shows whats happening in the local scene and just meet up.

Cruises and trips to shows are organised throughout the year so keep your eye on the forum and main pages for infomation.

The meeting place:
Ten Tors Inn - Kingsteignton (New Venue)
Follow this link for Directions

8pm every other Thursday,

check the forum for dates

Club line up of splitscreens, bay windows, beetle, Karman Chia

vw Campers drive to muppet club

campers and beetle at the muppet club