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Welcome to Veedubbing

23 Window Splitscreen Fleetline

The van is registered as a 1973 Fleetline, imported from Johannesburg. It has the 23 windows, no sunroof but it has those mental corner windows!! Once you've driven the van, you'll never go back to a van without them.

We bought the van in early 2002; it had just been imported from South Africa. The van is a pretty rare model as there are were less than 800 of these Fleetline vans made, Fleetlines are the last split screen vans made in the world.

They were manufactured in Brazil as complete kits, Vw Brazil sent the kits to Vw South Africa, who built the Microbuses and Pickups, they are a mixture of early van parts making them virtually identical to a 1950's split screen, the only difference is that there is absolutely zero rust.

I would have said that it was easy to get the van registered with the DVLA over here but it wasn't and took weeks with many letters and phone calls to verify its true age. If you were to consider buying one of these chose one already registered, as it will save you a lot of trouble.

This van is a 23 Window Fleetline Kombi, it has a microbus interior and all the panels and seats have been trimmed to match in cream and grey TMI material. The interior is prefect, all that is missing is the big stereo, but that'll be in there soon. The whole van is a peach.

I couldn't have a van and just take it to shows and not use it, so it is having its seats removed when it isn't in shows (it was invited to appear at the Volksworld Show 2003) and is currently being transformed into a camper ready for summer.

With Safari windows and Pop Outs all round it's got that "cal look" with chrome jailbars that look cool curved around the back windows.

It had TSW Evo-r alloys when we bought it, but they didn't suit the look of the van it now sports black BRM's, 4.5 inch up front and phat 5.5 back wheels. The van is also had a serious lowering job and can sit on the ground but has been raised to stop the steering arms from being bent in half but I have bought a bump steer kit to flip (lower) those and looks as though it's heading for IRS soon.

The future
We are converting the van to a camper, we are fitting charcoal grey curtains to match the interior and a rock and roll bed, which will match the front seats in cream and grey. The van will have tonnes of speakers and hopefully a mini TV for a bit of surround sound.

Please come back to visit veedubbing, as the van develops and we get more pictures we will update the site. Also visit the gallery for more pictures of our van and S.V.D.C members vans.

Split screen at Volksworld show 2003

Split screen at Volksworld show 2003

Split screen at Volksworld show 2003

Fleet line engine

Splittie at Van Fest

splittie out on Dartmoor

Fleetline interior

Front view of camper