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Welcome to Veedubbing

Cocktails in a Camper

We all know how cold it can get hanging around vans, so you need something to warm you up. These are some alcoholic recipes the Stoke Vee Dub Club members have tried and tested. We have a star rating 5 stars is wicked. These drinks can be very potent, attempting to cook fajita's for 12 people after 4 shots of chocolate vodka does help!, the pictures to the right speak for themselves!

Name: Cheeky Monkey
Ingredients: 2x Malibu, 2x dark rum, 2 x banana liqueur (Bols), crushed ice, pint of milk
Method: Put into a pint glass and fill the glass with milk
Rating: *****

Name: Chocolate Vodka
Ingredients: 1 large bar of chocolate, 3/4 of a bottle of vodka

Melt chocolate and slowly stir in vodka. The type of chocolate effects the favour. Caramel chocolate works well too.

Rating: *****

Name: Goochka
Ingredients: Gold label (strong larger) hooch or smirnoff ice will do
Method: Mix the 2 drinks in a pint glass and then add a shot of vodka.
Rating: ***

Name: The Brain Haemorrhage
Ingredients: Strawberry schnapps, Grenadine, Bailey's
Method: Pour 3/4 of a shot of chilled strawberry schnapps into a
glass Plop in a dash of Grenadine. Carefully add some chilled Bailey's on the top
Rating: *****

Name: Cement Mixer
Ingredients: A shot of Baileys topped with lime coridial or cranberry juice
Method: Fill a shot glass about 2/3-full with Baileys and top off with the lime or cranberry juice. don't mix them, layer the juice on top of the Baileys.
Rating: ***

Name: Numb Gums
Ingredients: After Shock, a red, spicy cinnamon liqueur Bailey's
Method: Fill the shot glass 3/4 of the way to the top with After
Shock. Top the glass up with Bailey's, so that the Bailey's floats
on top of the After Shock
Rating: *****

Name: Flaming Dr. Pepper
Ingredients: 1 shot of amaretto 1 shot of 151-proof rum 1 pint of lager
Method: Top the shot of amaretto with the 151-proof rum and light on
fire Drop the lit shot into glass of beer and chug.
Rating: ***

Name: The Gorilla Fart
Ingredients: 1 part vodka, 1 part rum 1 part Jaegermeister
Method: Mix well
Rating: ***

Name: Headless Mexican
Ingredients: 1 bottle of Corona beer, Kahlua, Tequila.
Method: Drink the top off the beer to make room for equal measures of Kahlua and Tequila. tip the bottle upside down to mix it.
Rating: ***

Name: The Leveller
Ingredients: 2x vodka, 2x Blue Bols, 2x Cinzano
Method: Mix all three spirits, if your mad add a shot of absinthe.
Rating: ***

Name: Mind Eraser
Ingredients: 2x Kahlua 2x vodka, Lemonade
Method: Mix in a long glass and fill with lemonade.
Rating: ***

Name: The Monkey F***
Ingredients: A pint of lager, 2x whiskey and a dash of white wine.
Method: Drink about an inch off of theh pint add a double whiskey and dry white wine and drink quickly
Rating: ***

Name: No Panic
Ingredients: 1x vodka, 1x rum,1x gin,1x tequila,1x sambucca, 1x Blue curacao the rest of the glass should be lemonade.
Half a shot of red Grenadine Two or three drops of Baileys
Method: Add all the above ingredients to a glass in the above order do not mix
Rating: ***

Name: Batty Ram Raider
Ingredients: 1 part Jack Daniels 1 part Baileys 1 part Ammaretto 1 part Jagermeister
Method: Drink through a straw, quickly...
Rating: ***

Name: Slippery Nipple
Ingredients: 1x Sambucca 1x Baileys
Method: Carefully pour a shot of Baileys on top of the sambucca so that it floats on top - they don't mix together
Rating: ***

Name: Flatliner
Ingredients: Tequila Tabasco Sambucca
Method: Take a shot glass fill it halfway with Tequila and the rest with Tabasco leave approximately 1mm at the top for sambucca, which you light before drinking .
Rating: ***