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Welcome to Veedubbing

Show Survival - How to survive a VW show

Packing your Dub
RAC and AA membership because Veedubs never break down, bollocks !!

Pringles, Chicken, curry sauce, rice, bacon, eggs, sausages, burgers, bread, cooking oil, salad, Bombay Bad boys!

Water, kettle, coffee, tea, beer, booze, Banana Liquer, bacardi dark rum, milk (see veedub drinks)

Mini Tv, stereo, cds

Mascots - Im not Jamie oliver sign or Cock boy costume look a twat for a night

Bottle openers, matches, plates knifes forks, washing up bowls

BBQ gas cooker

Duvets comfy stuff to chill in partying kills you after a few days in a row

Fold out Table, fold out chairs for chillin

Gazebo, for keepen dry in the rain

Cocktail mixer or shaker for getting monged

Shooter glasses Plastic Pint Glasses for getting monged

Loo roll for wiping up the mess

Ibroprofen, for hangovers

wetsuits surf boards, bmx, beer games, fancy dress

Camping Tips

Treat yourself to a curry on your first night, after driving for miles all you need is to start to prepairing a meal take one with you that just needs warming or even better open a beer and order out sweet as.

Remember to camp within stumbling distance of the camp toilets as getting the shits at 3 in the morning is trouble enough, let alone doing a cross country run with your buttocks clentched..

Dont eat spicy mexican at bug jam you dont want to go to those toilets unless you have too glastonbury my arse!!! especally if Ben is in the next block!

Bring a mini TV you know on Saturday Cat Deely is going to miss you and your hangover.

No water Hand Wash its a lifesaver at down and dirty shows like Bug Jam

Electric fridge Cheeky Monkey cocktails dont taste the same unless chilled

RTTS Anthems CD mix a collect on of quality choons to lift the monging mood

Two duvets if is cold its cold you dont want to wake up with an an icicle knob.

BBQ its law smoke the rest of the site out and food poisioning for everyone.

SDVC bar it needs a gazebo with a table, put a beer on it, its a bar sweet.

A gas cooker for a full English in the mornings

One bloody loud sound system make the people staying in tents wish they had a bus

Loo roll great in so many ways!!!! This has to be number one for number twos no shit!, we dont care how cool you think you are show winning dub or drag race god we all have to walk to the toilet in the morning doing the two fingered salute (roll on two fingers)

BMX or gladiator to be towed behind dubs trying to cause injury to the riders go big or go home