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Welcome to Veedubbing

Bug Jam 2005

Bug Jam eve
(I.e. the Night before Bug Jam…)

To ensure a good spot for Veedubbing club camping, Luxton, Nathan and Rach travelled up the motorway in Luxton’s old ratty split screen and camped outside Santa Pod Raceway on Thursday night. When the gates opened on Friday morning they were ready to set up our camp. Nic and Lou also travelled up on Thursday night because they had brought a village-sized tent that took hours to erect.  Since they were in Lou’s Banana Bug, camping by the roadside was not an option, so the poor things had to spend the night in a hotel. Shame.



In the morning, Nic and Lou arrived shortly after Luxton and the others to help set up camp. (This was shortly after a lie-in, a junk-food breakfast and a last chance to use a clean shower and toilet. Shortly after mid-day). The rest of the gang arrived shortly after that.

When the complications of situating a tent/town hall around a gazebo, some ropes and a multitude of Dubs were overcome (made more complicated I might add by the steady flow of intoxicating liquor) the group went to inspect the show scene. There were numerous stalls, selling allsorts from VW parts and clothes to top of the range sunglasses from such exclusive designers as ‘Oakey’ and ‘Ray~Band’.

There was racing on the drag strip; ‘run what you brung’ and we watched to be astounded by Campers tearing up the quarter of a mile of slick, shining tarmac in under 13 seconds. Beetles whizzed their way up the strip in stupendously quick times, some in less than 10 seconds. One street-legal Beetle crossed the line at well over 130mph. Excitement escalated as some of the group watching knew it would to be their turn to hit the tarmac tomorrow. When everyone had had their fill of  ‘smoky burn-outs’ and completed a good nosey around the site, all headed back to camp to eat, drink and get very, very merry!

In the evening we visited the dance tent and busted some moves on the grassy dance floor. The rest of the night is just a blur…


Saturday: AKA Mandie’s Birthday

Saturday was race day. After waking up feeling less then fresh, we filled our faces with a less than full English and headed down to the track. Buggy Jim (of Bug Jam 19 DVD fame) raced his buggy, and Mike rushed Claire’s beautiful black cab down the track. Due to the skin full of beer he had consumed the night before, and the fear of what Claire would do to him if he broke the car, I hear he almost rushed his breakfast down the track too!

In the afternoon we stood by the strip to steal a look at the drag beetle. The sound of the jet engine was deafening, and as your sub conscious told you to stand back and protect yourself from the impending ear damage you were about to experience, you stood rooted to the spot, transfixed. You could never tire of watching it zip down the track, making your body shake and your head rumble.

We whiled the day away meandering around the stalls and admiring the vast array of Vee Dubs, making mental wish lists for our own pride and joy. Huge American cars tore down the drag strip, and Terry Grant amused us all with his renowned stunt show. Members drifted back to camp to begin the festivities.

Much to Claire’s dismay, her favourite Bug Jam performer was not to be entertaining the VW crowd this evening. Killa Kela - the Human Beat Box, had ditched his faithful Bug Jam venue, and gone to perform at Gay Pride. In his place were top tribute act ‘Queened.’ We were not to be discouraged. In true Veedubbing style, we made our own entertainment and had a fantastic night of partying and poi’s!

“I’m Mandie…It’s my Birthday”

Saturday night was all about celebrating Mandie’s birthday. Barbeques blazed, chocolate cake was shared and drinks flowed. Much admiration was shown for Mandie’s T-shirt. Games began with the customary ‘let’s put/hide/wrap/throw Petit Joe in a …’ in this game a bin bag was the equipment of choice. Predictably, it all went down hill from there. Messy.


It’s a Wash-out!

Sunday was wet. Very wet. The Bug Jam finals had to be cancelled because the track was not dry enough to race. The hunt for a jumper for Lou was on… (Note: never underestimate the phenomenon of Sod’s Law… if you don’t bring a brolly, it WILL rain!). After feeding time, the Veedubbing heard made their way to the show and shine. Entries from Veedubbing included: Paul Luxton’s Splitty, Buggy Jim’s Buggy, Claire’s Cab and Little Joe’s blue Bug.


The Long Way Home…

A clever bit of forward thinking from Nic ensured a quick exit from the show. Mike & Claire in the Cab and Nic & Lou in the Banana had driven down to the exit gates earlier that morning, left the cars there and returned to the show. When the time came to leave, the smart Veedubbers just slipped out the gates and onto the open road.
Everyone else who had left their dubs in camp wound up at the back of a five hour queue. (Next year I imagine there will be more forward thinkers).

I believe Vince and Laura eventually found their way home after a short cut through London (!?) Poor Buggy Jim got pretty soggy driving all the way home in the downpour, although it was probably the best wash anyone had over the whole weekend. The most hard core of the vee-dubbers finally made it home after 1am Monday morning.
An exhausting, dirty, wet weekend, but absolutely worth it!