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Welcome to Veedubbing

RTTS 2004

RTTS is an event we never miss, it's the best because rather than just a show, the whole town goes mental! There is a surf festival coupled with it being a bank holiday weekend the Newquay area rocks.


We arranged for all the veedubbers meet at Penn Inn, we also had a few watercool'ds turn up too more the merrier especially as Lee gave the cruise a little "Bling" as he running a Range Rover on chrome 20's and some Kev cars turned up too but we are too slow for them (we were left in clouds of tyre smoke, spin em up!).

The first stop for the veedubbing cruise was Plymouth Sainburys where we met the guys from Paignton and a nutter called Fred who was a little over excited driving his V8 rail buggy!!!

There was about 20 odd vws all rolling across the Saltash bridge was a sight to be seen. There were people filming on the way down it was mental and a bit dangerous. Some dubs were joining in on the way some were peeling off as we went, obviously staying elsewhere in cornwall. Joe in his blue dub was rollin in the seventies with his pimp tash and wig and clyde was testing the gold bug out it ran like a dream all the way.

On the way we stopped to ensure no one had broken down or had any problems there were some pucker cars there a blue and white hydrolic bug, a primer buggy, a couple of early bugs, the sdvc buses, a V8 rail, lisa's pink bug, marks metallic green bug on Porsche rims and anna's red resto cal bug which had been moted dumped and resprayed for rtts. Too many to list.

I decided it would be fine if I blocked the traffic to allow the others to cruise together but I didn't account for that many a trucker took a dislike to this and ploughed on through trying to hit the front of my bus asshole just didn't get the point I there had to of been 30 dubs at that point and its hard for all to stick together you couldn't tel if you were at the front or the back of the cruise but i think we did ok.

Fred in his rail is a special man !!! Looney any bit of grass he was on it offroading jumping and crashing at 60 mph across verges etc under taking on the hedges as he goes we hope the video does the maniac justice. If you see him I am sure he drinks four star if you know what I mean doughnuts in the petrol station I suppose if you have the power use it Wicked the hydro bug tried to copy for a laugh pumped it right up and off he went across the grass on the side of the road. Funny as F.

We have a rtts anthem cd every year this was no different we used the forum to choose the tracks we liked and Ross stuck them on the cd. The traffic was heavy so it was time to pump it up pounding subs and tweeters could be heard baby got back Altern 8 and the kojak theme were favourites. As the cruise slowed the guys filming decided to hop on their boards and skate through the traffic we were handing out beer as we went we were ready to party all right.

Some were staying at rose cliston and others trevegue we all pealed off into each camp to set up. Just as we all signed in the rain started and it didn't finish until the next morning bolloks we had no time to sort the party area as everyone knocked up the tents an awnings etc in double quick time.
We were damp cold and pissed off. The gazebos went up and the beer started a Barbie and fires kept us warm and it was fine for a first night drinking and arsing around until 3 am sorted.

Saturday was sunny and hot. Shorts were on and everyone was tired but in a good mood I had planned a pub crawl for all of us but that was wrecked by some monkey spiking some drinks at 10 am making the piss heads bladdered yet again before the games even started losers oh well there is always the next show.

Toby turned up in his rusto cal air double cab looking knackered working 24 /7 to debut it at the show hadn't done him any good at all. It was great though and drew a nice crowd for an hour or so. Brms ratty paint coolers on the roof rack and red rear bed cover. Oh yea and the air bagged suspension and 1776 pumper of an engine this puppy works. Ultimate VW mag did the write up for the bus that weekend quality work.

Cricket, shopping, cruising, footy, sunbathing in the fields was the result of the day, great but we are ment to be party animals oh no old feckers. The games cleared fussy heads ready for food in the aussie bar and beer and clubbing in Newquay town centre.

After food everyone was feeling better and it was time to drink we blagged our way into the pub club and had a great time nice choons and none of the hassle of racing into bars and queing the night away. Another late night but with the show and shine the next day it didn't matter.

Mullet Racing RTTS veedubbing line up Mullet Racing RTTS Mullet Racing RTTS
Petrol blue split Run to the sun show 2004 Run to the sun show Run to the sun show
Karmann Ghia RTTS show 2004 Run to the sun show RTTS show 2004
RTTS show 2004 Run to the sun show Run to the sun show Run to the sun show
RTTS show 2004 RTTS show 2004 RTTS show 2004 Toby's airbagged vw crew cab
veedubbing campsite veedubbing campsite veedubbing campsite Toby's airbagged vw crew cab
  veedubbing campsite RTTS show 2004  



veedubbing line up

Toby's airbagged vw crew cab

veedubbing campsite
veedubbing line up

Toby's airbagged vw crew cab

kitted out bay window

Toby's airbagged vw crew cab

Mullet Racing RTTS