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Welcome to Veedubbing

Run to the Sun 2006

It is the Great British summertime. The clocks have gone forward, the sun is shining (all be it masked by thick grey clouds) and the birds are singing. It can mean only one thing; time to get your Dubs out!

Run to the Sun marks the start of a brand new show season, and this year things certainly kicked off with a bang. Well, maybe not so much of a bang as a gentle thud, but enough to get the ball rolling. The show’s 20th anniversary was not as busy as anticipated which at first was a little disappointing, however, this turned out to work in our favour as it meant less time spent queuing at the bars and loos and more time to get on with the important things like drinking and err, more drinking. (Sadly, yes, this is the level of depravity Veedubbing sink to when away at shows. Not to mention those vodka-swilling Diva Dubs. Tsk!).


The cruise began as is tradition at Sainsbury’s in Newton Abbot after filling up with fuel and Big Macs. As an air cooled VW driver you are always dubious as to whether your beloved vehicle will grant you a smooth, trouble free ride, or if 20 minutes down the road it is no longer your ‘pride and joy’ but a ‘f**king piece of s**te waste of f***king time…’ and various other expletives.  This time some of the group were more anxious than usual as the fleet included a number of maiden voyages. 

Next stop was Plymouth Sainsbury’s to pick up a few more enthusiasts. The convoy then continued its journey to Cornwall and stopped at Route 38 in Saltash. The Diva Dubs had arranged to cruise in fancy dress so they donned their fairy wings and tiaras, and waved their magic wands so nobody had to arrive at the campsite courtesy of the AA (or RAC, whatever your preference).

Club camping was held at Veedubbing’s old favourite Rosecliston, a small, friendly and fun campsite that was just perfect. We had a fab space; near enough to the loos for a middle of the night dash in our P.J.’s but far enough away so as not to be trampled across or stunk out. There was plenty of room to fit us all in comfortably, with the infamous Veedubbing party marquee housed happily in the centre. The buses into town were regular and plenty so we rarely had long to wait, which was a good thing as the Veedubbing lot only turn to drink at the first hint of boredom.


The only thing that let us was the mindless vandalism of two of our bugs, Lesley’s lovely oval and the Banana Bug. At sometime over the weekend some dickless wonder decided to pelt Lesley’s oval with eggs causing a big dent the pristine metal, and used god knows what to take a chunk out of the Banana’s brand new bonnet. Most frustratingly we didn’t catch the little gits, but in retrospect it was probably best as we would only be spending the summer at Her Majesty’s pleasure had we got hold of them! Anyway they probably drove Skodas.

It has to be said that the famous VW festival, renowned for its invasion of Dubs, water bombs, endless queues and general carnage has become somewhat of a Mecca for Chavs. Nether the less, there were some cracking VWs about and the show and shine on Sunday was brimming with beautiful Bugs and busses, with a sprinkling of water-cooled motors. One interesting creation was what could best be described as the lower half of a Land Rover which had been bashed brutally with the lowering stick, and at first glance appeared to be a peculiar looking Trekker.


On closer inspection its true identity was revealed and forced the onlooker to mutter the words “what the fu…”followed by the instant materialization of an ear-to-ear grin. Also standing out from the crowd were an über cool looking grey barn door panel van and a keved up Caddy with ace seats.

Of course a huge CONGRATULATIONS to Veedubbing's very own concours winner Si Keene and the beautiful Saffie bus: Best Bus RTTS 2006.

RTTS 06 has certainly whetted our appetites for more hot summer shows! We are looking forward to seeing some of our old favourites out and about and can’t wait to see what’s new on the scene this year. Roll on summer!

Finally, Veedubbing would like to thank the guys at Rosecliston for their hospitality, for looking after us so fantastically and making our stay such a truly enjoyable one. I think I speak for everyone when I say a huge THANK YOU and that we hope to return next year for another wicked weekend. Cheers Dudes!

Highlights and quotes from Veedubbing members on RTTS 06:
(Note: If it sounds random, that’s because it is)

“A good weekend for all
Congratulations to "Saffie" aka Simon Keen for
Winning Best Bus in the show and shine”

“I think I have lost my chimichanga tuna love tunnel if anyone finds it?? I last had it when I was playing with Mr Johnson’s spitting milk appliance!”

“Are you out there Clint??????
We lost u about 5 mins outside of newquay! We waited for you but you must have zipped past in the traffic never to be seen again”

“Me, Wez and Hughesy had a rad time hanging with u guys this year as we always used to go to Trevelgue, but got pissed off with it there, I think Pauly and Nathan deserve respect for driving back home and getting the speakers so we could all party each nite, nice one guys, Jay”

“Yep, brilliant! Managed to come home with a multitude of bruises (of unknown origins) but hey it's not a good weekend if you don't!”

“Guys it rocked and we loved it all - There was some great entertainment on the dance floor!!! But one downer - It went tooooooooo quickly!!”

“Good times were had this year for sure!!
Does anyone fancy a maple syrup shot?”

“Wot a weekend! I loved it and also have random bruises!
Congrats to Si and all those that made it in their VW's.”

“Has anyone said anything about Wes’s drum and base set at half two on Saturday night - LEGEND”

“My tips from the weekend would be, don't buy a Sainsbury’s instant BBQ (they r crap) & DON'T Lift random girls' skirts!”

“And last but not least..........don’t have a knife throwing contest with people that are at least 3metres away!!”