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Welcome to Veedubbing

Le Bug Show Spa Belgium 2005

This is the furthest Veedubbing have travelled in our dubs, but a very entertaining weekend was had by all. We didn't have the best start to the trip it has to be said. It took a lot longer to get to Dover than anticipated, which meant we couldn't get in a campsite or hotel at 2am in the morning. So we cut our losses and slept in the bugs and buses on Dover seafront. We were all on the ferry at 12.30 the next day.

Once we were off the ferry the race was on, we had to get to Camp De Rouge near Spa before dark, we failed!. It's no joke putting up a 8 man tent in the dark we can tell you. Friday morning and we were up early, not as early as the SSVC though, cheers guys a wake up call was just what we needed at 6.30am! ;-P. We hit the Spa campsite about 10am, we can only compare it to Glastonbury for vw's, it was massive. We spent Friday night with some crazy French people having an illegal rave, and watching the nutters cane it up and down the road, pretending they had hydraulics.

The highlight of the weekend had to be driving on the race track, the Terry Grant Stunt Show and drag racing. The journey back was not quite so smooth, unfortunately the yellow bay window hit a massive pot hole 10 miles outside of Spa which practically took the wheel off. We wont mention how unhelpful the RAC was in taking two days to get the van home!!.

We were heading towards Dunkirk when we spotted and hotel and thought we would treat ourselves to a good nights sleep and freshen up before boarding the ferry home on Monday. We were woken by the French Police to find that every car in the car park had been broken into other than our dubs. We couldn't believe our luck. The police did tell us that they had made a note of the writing on our back windows, as they thought the message "mum's gone to Iceland I'm off to Spa" and "je mapl petite Joe" and "yourmumsyourdad", were trade marks left by the gang of thieves!.

Dover Seafront with Dover castle in the far background! Mum's gone to Iceland I'm off to Spa! about to board the ferry Just a small part of Spa waiting to go on the Spa race track
Their off, Spa race track How the hell does he fit in that bug? Watching the Spa cruise Spa race track You said it!
the home straight Spa race track Pro Sign bus Arial shot It was all too much for some! The Pony Club bus
Mike's bay window and Ross's splitscreen waiting to race! Taking the corner at Spa Cutting the corners at Spa Racing at Spa! Mullet Racing at Spa
Mullet Racing at Spa Crew cab Le Bug Show Spa 2005 view down the track at Le Bug Show Spar race track Karman Ghia
sea blue split screen Porsche at Spa

Quotes from the veedubbing Spa trips

"yep much oddness all over the place, hooch powered frog machine that played lowrider over and over all weekend hoping and kangeroing all around the site with helmets on ?? it's wrong and mentally disturbing because you thinking what the f*** then by the second day you are cheering them and getting mullered with some German playing techno from their bus !!!
why rev you crap motor and not burn out I don't understand. !!

the masses of split bugs, the high rise bug on fat fuch riding the banks of the road, the waffles, chip hot dogs and the very cheep beer !! and the company!!! Petite JOE, yer mums yer dad sweeet boy ali kate and the usual crew

The Worst
How far !!!!!!!
and oh yea and my bus took a nose dive at 70 mph on the way home its a bit bumped and dented! patena it think its called anyone got any NOS arches NOS front bumper, a few other suspension bits, and new pants!"

"yes it was a mad one to say the least, had a great time though, hated every bit of the driving over there quite surprised my car didn't take a nose dive either, but I think the show made up for it,

Good bits:
speaking in the German accent with Ross, all weekend!!! smoking out the whole campsite by trying to burn plastic affect wood haha!! dancing to the techno!! meeting my new best friend!!(photos up soon!) shouting abuse at the locals! Driving round the track!! helping kids to do a burn out on there C90 moped!! there was some mad cars that high rise bug was one of my faves!! karmann cabriolets with neon ground kits!! the pony club had some mad rides, ratty razor edge, police look fridolin!! pin stiping my car!!

bad bits!
definitely the driving, the roads over there are horrendous! the rain, and mikes van dying.

But it was a cool show"

Scrumpy Jack!

yeah wow whatta a weekend...

highlights - Joe's NBF (new best friend) the lucky lepricorn, dancing to techno (take no ******* notice) speaking the kasicstan (think everyone was doing it by monday) chips and beer, c90 burn out, and possibly the best song in the world GATHER ALL THE MUSHROOMS!

Mikes van nosediving was bad, leading us to noise paranioa for 500 miles!

I don't get European's???!!!!

wikid weekend thanks everyone

Best bits - has to be dancing into the middle of the germans dancing to their techno and everyone cheering me - then running away scared!!!hahahaha

the blackbird song!!!


Our whole group - we all had right laff - esp petit Joe and Rosco and their accents!!!


worst bit - our van dying - quite scary on a bridge over a river

RAC (no comment!)

and then basically 2 days of waiting for various people to get us home!!!!

certainly an experience!!!