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Welcome to Veedubbing

Vanfest 2003

Friday 19th
We arrived at the showground about 6ish there was already lots of vans turning up and there was a big queue to get in. We parked up in the SSVC camping area and set up the tents and gezbos and waited for Paul to turn up in this bus. After we had set up camp we all went in to Malvern for a curry and drinks.

Saturday 20th
After everybody woke up hung over we set about cooking breakfast then we could hit the big auto jumble to find some bargains. There were loads of companies there, and it's great to see what they do for your van in real life with out looking at pictures on the net. There also was a big selection of buses for sale to.

After we had a good look around which take most of the day and you never see everything. We signed up for the big split and we found a stand making up stickers so we had some made up saying "" as we were picking them up we saw a big ball of black smoke and I could not be some fatty BBQ so we ran down to the bottom site with a big crowed to see a wedge van going up in flames, it was not a nice thing to see there were people saying that it was bad stereo wiring that started it.

When everybody was back at the vans we started to cook dinner and drink (It was a shame Claire and Jo were to drunk for the cooking in a camper comp) and play on the BMX and just hang out chatting about vans and what we should have bought that day. Ok when we peaked on the drinking state (about 8 O'clock) we headed for the main barn the band was not as good as years before were stayed there then went outside to look at some vans.

Sunday 21st
Once again everybody woke up feeling a bit ruff after the night before but we had a big fry up which sorted everyone out. We packed up the vans and took them over for the big split once we had done that we had one last look around and picked up some bits we needed for the vans. When we could get the vans out of the big split we headed home. The clutch went on one of the vans on the way home so they left the site at 3 and go home at 11 not the best trip home but a cool weekend.

Beetle with flame graphics 23 window with american style bumer 13 window split screen
13 window grey split screen Nightfire red splitscreen Back of nice vw beetles

Click to see larger version of Burning wedge at vanfest 2003

The big split vanfest

The big split

Cooking dinner at Vanfest

Drinking at vanfest!

More drinking!