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Welcome to Veedubbing

Vanfest 2005

We arrived at the Three Counties Showground, Malvern late Friday evening after the precursory visit to the town Chippy for tea. The Veedubbing marquee and various tents (for those without campers) were erected in the dark under the lights of a couple of beetles and the influence of alcohol. Inevitably, chaos ensued. Mother Nature’s timing was yet again impeccable. The rain began just as we had all the poles laid out ready for assembly. Our first night was soggy to say the least; the grass had put us in mind of a boggy marshland and there was plenty of squelching about.

When camp had been set up Veedubbing stumbled into the dance tent, which, luckily for the inebriated crowd, was all of a meter away from our shambolic site. Upon entering, the group decided that this was not for them and promptly stumbled back out. Trying to decipher the jungle of ropes from the dark night sky required the same level of concentration and intelligence as the Krypton Factor.  Needless to say, nobody was in possession of these qualities by the end of the night. (Nor at the beginning come to think of it…) and there were a few flailing limbs. Minutes later, the Veedubbing Party was in full swing.


Most of Saturday day was spent browsing the stalls and ambling amongst the show cars. There was a magnificent line up of Karmann Ghias and an impressive display of buses in the hall. In the afternoon, Veedubbing went aerial ball crazy! Claire and Lou had happened across the Ball and Bag stall and found a suitable ball for each member. Petit Joe got a Goth with one blue eye, Lou got a cow-girl, Paul got a fisherman, Claire bought a Nurse for Rach (Nurse Bullus) and a Diva for Leslie. There were balls everywhere.


When all had had enough shopping, the group headed back to camp for food. Nic was adamant that he would have barbequed corn on the cob after his delicious taste sensation at Cornwall Jamboree. He sat determinedly beneath an umbrella on a fold away picnic chair, painstakingly preparing his cuisine.  Now that’s dedication.

After bellies had been filled and appetites were satisfied the marquee stirred into life as the Veedubbing boys brought the afternoon into the evening. The group were entertained by a long awaited debut from Petit and the renowned talents of DJ’s Nic the Greek, Mikee and Lux. However, the Diva Dubs were not going to let the boys have all the fun. The girls used their initiative and turned the marquee into a make shift salon with make-up, beauty products and the saviour of all damp weather victims…GHD’s! Ex hairdresser Charlotte kindly volunteered her services and a queue quickly formed for a seat in the stylist’s chair. Bottles of wine were complimentary at the Diva Dubs Salon, and the girls looked gorgeous with glistening, glossy locks (if not slightly skew-whiff).

Petit Joe kindly donated the new oil funnel he had bought earlier that day to Claire and Lou to make Chocolate Vodka. Unfortunately, the girls had already polished off a bottle of wine (or two) and things got a bit messy. I believe Joe did get his oil funnel back, although I can’t say it was returned in exactly the condition it was received.
The girls were now fuzz balls again. Ah well, the thought was there.

An Announcement

Later, the group headed into the bar for more liquid refreshment. There, some of the group chatted to Ivan, editor of Volksworld magazine, letting slip what was in store for the night ahead. Unbeknown to Megan, her partner Simon Hall had arranged to propose in the dance tent later that evening. They had set up a huge banner saying “Megan, will you marry me?” the challenge for the rest of the group was to guide Megan into the tent without her noticing. Fortunately, this challenge was successful and Simon popped the question on stage in front of hundreds of VW fans. Very brave!

The celebrations carried on into the early hours of Sunday morning. Lou had gone on her usual mission to make new friends and came back with two unsuspecting Germans some of the group had met in Spa and several chairs from the dance tent. (Those were the conditions of entrance to the Veedubbing marquee; stolen chairs were the accepted currency). I believe the chairs have gone to a good home…



The group finally turned in at an un-godly hour, looking forward to steeling a few good hours of sleep to recover from the skin-full of booze they had consumed. As it turned out, this was not to be, as at 6am the camp site was filled with a thunderous blare.


Holly was awake. Begrudgingly, the group emerged from their pits feeling less than clever. And it was raining. Still.

The day involved much of the same as Saturday, milling around stalls, admiring VeeDubs, complaining about the weather. In the hall was the show ‘n’ shine. There were some stunning examples of vans, there were the regulars (always a pleasure to see) and some more unusual exhibits such as ‘The Seagull Ghost’, a roof chopped, rat look van with custom lights (beetle indicators) along the top. Outside there were a multitude of beetles, type 3’s, a handful of razor edge Karmann Ghias and a peculiar old Citroen van.

Eventually, the waterlogged group were tempted away from the show ground by thoughts of warm cosy beds and dry feet.  They returned to dismantle the camp and made a move for home.  

Beetle with flame graphics 23 window with american style bumer 13 window split screen
13 window grey split screen Nightfire red splitscreen Back of nice vw beetles





Click to see larger version of Burning wedge at vanfest 2003

The big split vanfest

The big split

Cooking dinner at Vanfest

Drinking at vanfest!

More drinking!