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Welcome to Veedubbing

Volksworld Show 2004

We set of as early as we could but not as early as Pauly and Lisa (6:30 is to early for any show Pauly) The traffic was not too bad up to junction 10 of the M25 (where we should have pulled off) but as we got to junction 11 we seemed to pass more and more veedubbs but anyway the tail back from the race course was not to bad.

We got to Sandown quite late causing us to park in the overflow car park! It was pitch black but we had no trouble spotting that there were some kick ass cars. As we walked to the race course we could see the BBT lorry with a samba sticking out the back if buses like this were'nt on show what would it be like inside (it was for sale but there was no point in asking how much it was) Once we were in we set about tracking down some of the Veedubbers Pauly, Lisa, Rachel and Jay and sorted out times to meet Rosco the Peckham Prince. It would have been great for us all to stay here overnight but after the memories of freezing my nuts off last year i'll never be doing that again!

The Splitscreen van club line up was there as usual, Mercury panel van and Ricky James 23 window heading the display, old as hell but they rip it up. (The Mercury was actually sold that weekend!!!). There was a turbo'd spilty and the engine had keene 03 cut into it just bloody mad! (one day i will get one). The jiffy panel van looked mental, only just recently brought in from the US, there was an unusual airconditioning unit, otherwise known as its roof! There were small rust holes pitted into it i like the old school seems to be the thing for this years show.

It was refeshing to see that some people can think up new ideas for dubs, Type Three Detectives Square Back showed there is some thing new, yep bung a Porsche S2 engine in a varient!!! It's a retro touring car it had carbon fibre, chrome a space framed monster. Mikee - "That is a car that has been done in my style" (yep mikee, 0 to 60 in 5 secs and you can stick your Labrador in the back too!!!???)

The twin cab pick up with samba roof lights and corner windows was one cool comercial, the only problem was that it was squashed too close to other show cars to get a good look at it, shame.

Part prices were as high as usual but its early in the season and we all got suckered for odd bits will we ever learn.

When go outside you can see some of the cars from the clubs around the uk the best bit was the DJ playing out of his twin sliding door samba.

It was cool to see some mint daily drivers, the blue bug on Audi rims should have been in the main show arena it was one of the best bugs there. Ratty race bugs like james wottons turbo beetle all the way down to some mental karmann ghias. there was so much quality work there but rather than me write a bit of pap about it you look at the pictures that have been taken. Ruff dubs with big engines sums it up.

Volksworld is a mental show you see cars that you know are only driven once a year but the show needs to be spaced out the cars are too close together to just look properly might as well see them in a magazine but it realy is great but its too big for the space. Maybe keep the car park on oneside of the race course for veedubs only it for "Real Rides Only" section? always good to see what people turn up in.

Check the pics